My alchemy – altered cover for Finnabair

Hello !
Today, I’m back with a new mixed media project of mine – an altered cover of a binder. I wanted to turn this ordinary office supply into something really special – a place where I could store all my paint samples.
So you will surely understand I wanted it to look magical, like a book of alchemy holding „ingredients” and „recipes” to make art.

I created the cover spontaneously, simply using what I had at hand. I used my favorite colors and only after finishing working on this cover, I realized how special it was for me. Somehow it reflects my reality… It’s one of those moments when your art gets really personal and speaks for you.

I started decorating the cover using a sheet of resist canvas as my background. I glued it with 3D Gloss Gel which also works great for all the heavier embellishments.

Resist canvas elements work like a dream with Art Alchemy acrylic paints!
You will see in my video tutorial below how amazing it looks when the resist pattern emerges under the color media… There are many beautiful patterns you can choose from – don’t limit yourself to just one!

My embellishments for this project were chipboard elements, torn bits of resist canvas and beautiful Mechanicals that I had so much fun mixing and matching. Take for example the Bottle Caps that I filled with Art Pebbles and Glitter – there are countless possibilities to create unique decorations with them.
Art Stones are another must-have for me! I like to cover them with a little bit of White Gesso to blend them into the background and make the whole composition look cohesive.

Gesso and paints worked amazing on the resist canvas. Try out the combination of Gesso (any kind) and Opal Magic paints – you will see for yourselves how different and stunning the results are!
You will see in the video that spraying them with water helped to distribute the media to make the pattern be better visible.

Note: don’t combine spraying water with Sparks paints as you risk separating the beautiful shimmering glitter from the paint.

Art Alchemy Waxes always make just the perfect finish of every project!
I highlighted all the dark elements of my composition with the Waxes and that gave a stunning effect. You should really try this trick!

Enjoy my video and my little mixed media alchemy.

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