Altered toolbox for finnabair


Welcome to the mad pre-Christmas period. I’m crazy busy and one of the things on my to do list is to finally finish organizing my studio.

One of my ideas to get it done and have some creative fun along the way was to make this December project for Finnabair Team – it’s an altered toolbox that is just a perfect solution to store all kinds of brushes, pens, scissors and other necessary art tools.
I started by adhering some pretty decorative paper from 7 Dots Studio on the sides of my box. I did it with 3D Matte Gel which is great not only to glue things but it also secures the paper and I really love its matte finish.
Then I prepared all the surfaces for all the paints to come painting the box with White Gesso. When you do that, remember to check if your gel medium is well dried.
I also distressed the surface a little and you will be able to see how I did it in the video below.
In this project I had so much art fun painting with beautiful matte Art Alchemy Impasto Paints. These paints come in rich colors and have lovely thick and creamy consistency. They are so easy to work with, it’s just enough to add a little bit of water to easily spread them over the surface. You will find which paints I used in the product list below.
As I can’t resist adding a little bit of sparkle and texture, I added accents of Sparks Unicorn’s Hair paint through the Checker stencil and Modeling Paste through the Cut & Paste one.
I also mixed some Vintage Pink Mica Powder with Heavy Body Gel to use through another stencil. The gel is thick so it’s very easy to apply it and you can of course choose any color of the powder to suit your project. You can see all the amazing possibilites of Mica Powders in this video that Anna made.
Then I added all kinds of embellishments I glued with Soft Gloss Gel that is great especially for all the heavier elements like Mechanicals. I also used it to glue different sizes of Art Stones here and there – a little touch that creates beautiful details and interesting textures.
My final touches were a little bit of White Gesso here and there, sprinkling accents of color with Mica Powders and spraying them with water and finally, some Clear Crackle Texture Paste on the corners.
Please enjoy my short video and see step by step how I created my special mixed media toolbox.
I really love my new organizer but I must admit that I’m also wondering how long it will take me to make some huge mess on my desk again…
I hope I inspired you to play with paints and other media and find some time to make art in December!

Happy creating!

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