Art Alchemy Opal Magic paints

Today, I want to show you brand new Art Alchemy Opal Magic paints. Their colours are just stunning! I feel incredibly inspired by them, and the first and only thing I wanted to do when I received them was to create, try and test! That’s the result of one of the sleepless nights.

I truly enjoy the moments, when creativity absorbs me entirely. Do you sometimes feel the same way?

I made a big tag. This time I decided to do a simple composition with an abundant background.


I had a single pieces of 7Dots Studio’s Stickers and paper – the workshops leftovers, and I finally found the way to use them! Look how easy it is to make an interesting background. Stickers, paper and compositions are glued with my favourite 3D Glass Gel – absolute basic in my works.
Recently I was thinking that if I was supposed to choose three mixed media products to bring them with me to a desert island, it definitely would be 3D Glass Gel, HeavyGesso White and some Glitter.
It would be extremely tough experience, but I already came up with an idea how to make colours, paints and structure paste using the gifts of nature. And you? Do you have your three essential mixed media products you couldn’t live without?

My project is full of texture made with Modeling Paste and Graphite Texture Paste. I applied them on the background through some stencils, and also added a bit of them on the tag’s edges. I really wanted to use then iridescent/opal paints, so since the beginning I was creating background with both black and white.

I applied the paint onto the background – I have added a dash of water to dilute it a bit, so it would be like watercolors.

I subtly altered the frame with Black Gesso and added a bit of opal magic paints.
Then I put the Art Alchemy Metallique Paint on the whole composition. At the very least I added a few metal ornaments – they look incredible in every work. You can se the whole making process in my tutorial.

There are so many possibilities, when you use such amazing iridescent Opal paints. One paint but in two colours – you don’t need much more to be happy!

And my tip for you is: using the same colour in a few places makes the work smoother and more consistent.

Hope you’ll get inspired!





Products I have used – all the images linked to Mixed Media Place online store

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