,Heartbeat” painting mica powder for Finnabair

Today I come to you with a heart painted Mica Powders for Finnabair
Somehow autumn days arrived really fast this year. I love golden autumn, the smell of leaves and the sense of silence after summer’s color explosion. But where I live, the weather recently have been really cold and rainy. I’ve been feeling lethargic and completely lacking in energy so I decided to recover by making art filled with life and colors.
With Agnes Obel’s music on, holding a brush with Mica Powders in my hand, I expressed the beating of my heART…
Every time I create with Mica Powders, I’m pleasantly surprised by how easy it is. It’s just enough to sprinkle some of your favorite shade of Mica Powder on your work and spray it with water – that’s it!
The colors perfectly blend with each other and you can make your own customized shimmering color sprays – isn’t that a great idea?
You can also mix Mica Powders with Gloss gel medium or Heavy Body Gel and then you will get a sort of an invisible paint with a beautiful gloss. It will look great on any kind of backround, both light and dark. So much happiness in one product!
Contrasting colors always bring a lot energy into the work, projects become lively and I prefer to control this effect keeping the contrasts in balance – to do that, I rely on the oddness principle.
I simply add color in several places and when I feel there’s too much of it, I add Heavy White Gesso and soften the result. It’s a simple trick that makes your piece look more coherent.
Choosing the color palette for this piece, I went for optimistic tones of different Mica Powders that you will find listed below. It made me feel invigorated and instantly cheered up.
As for embellishments, my heart was created using both beautiful ready made elements like Finnabair’s Mechanicals and recycled ones.
I really like to use all kinds of found objects, I think that they bring my creativity to life. That’s why I collect old things always having in mind that one day they might find their place in my art.

Another product that I always have on my desk is Modeling Paste. When used with stencils, it allows you to get very clear patterns and it’s also a great adhesive to glue small embellishments like for example Art Stones that are just perfect to fill in empty spaces in your project and add some really beautiful and original textured effects.

Heavier decorations can be glued with 3D Matte Gel – this medium will secure them in place and you won’t have to worry anything will ever fall off.
I hope you will feel inspired with my HeART today, especially when you feel sad, worried and overwhelmed –
– all you have to do is to grab a paintbrush and some beautiful colors of paint and find comfort in artmaking…
Happy creating, everyone!

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