Hi there, lovely friends, it’s such a joy to share with you my part of art journaling take on this month’s Art Recipe!

Art journaling can be an amazing tool for self-discovery and cultivating your creativity. Here everything’s allowed; you don’t have to worry about rules, simply let your imagination take the lead and express yourself freely

How to live without stamps and stencils? For me, it’s impossible! I’m a texture maniac and I often use these products in my works. Finnabair offers a variety of beautiful patterns and I think thanks to them you can add beautiful textures and create a  unique look in your artworks.
It’s the same with stamps – you can choose from many great patterns and I personally, love all the sentiments – their messages speak to my soul…


This month  Finnabair design team decided to all create art journal spreads focusing on using different Finnabair’s stamps, resist canvas elements, and stencils. Just wait until you see each personality come to life! That’s the beauty of art journaling…you really can express yourself in sich a beautiful way.

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