Altered box for Finnabair

Hi my dear friends!
Latest summertime inspired project- altered art for Finnabair 
In my country the holidays are coming to an end and I wanted to capture this mood for a little while longer. With the sound of the sea still resounding in my imagination and with pockets filled with seashells, I decided to alter a box to hold my summer memories. 
I just love textures in my works so I couldn’t do without Art Extravagance line Texture Paste.
This time I used Black Sand I mixed it with three colors of Art AlchemyImpasto paints – AzureJade and Snow White – all this to create the background for my composition.
By adding a bit of water these paints are still very efficient without losing on their quality. They are ideal for special tasks thanks to their density, opacity and the high amount of pigments.
To build the background layers I used paints, pastes and Art Stones and it’s always such a great fun!
I really love the dimensional effect I got, especially filling in the free spaces with different sizes of Art Stones. You will see exactly how I did that in a video tutorial below.
I also love to play with the crackles effect and this time I the best (and the easiest!) way to create it is to use Art ExtravaganceClear CrackleTexture Paste. Adding Art Stones helps to make the texture even richer and more interesting.
Another great trick to create fabulous textures is to use gauze or any other delicate material. It can be easily shaped when soaked with any kind of gel medium.
I like to separate layers of paint with gesso, thanks to this the project becomes really rich, but you have to keep in mind that the more paint you put on your decorations, this pattern will be less visible.
You can also use gesso to regulate the intensity of light, color and shine of the paints you use.
I myself, really like the shine in my projects and that is why I added beautiful colors of Art AlchemyMetallique paints.

I love artistic recycling so I collect all sorts of things that might come in handy when creating a new project – nets you buy garlic in (work great imitating fishing nets!), old keys, metal nails, broken twigs – all these seemingly useless objects present so many creative possibilities…

Sending you all my warmest hugs and wishes of great creative week!
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