Textures and bee for the Creative Team – Finnabair.


This is my first inspiration for the Creative Team –  Finnabair. I am very excited and happy because I’m here and my dream came true. For my first post I created for you an altered notebook cover.

You need to know I’m a fan of insects and I love using this theme in my artworks.
Today, the main role belongs to a bee.



Because I love textures, sparkle and smearing mediums around, I set for a messy style.

I always start creating by applying Heavy White Gesso – thanks to that I have the certainty that the media I use won’t smudge and the paper (or any base) won’t get soaked or destroyed. I have to admit that I fell in love with how creamy Finnabair’s Gesso is!
Then I applied Modeling Paste with a Netting stencil on my Journal‚s cover.
3/4 of the cover was covered with Black Gesso – why is that? Black Gesso makes any kind of paint look really interesting and much different from an ordinary white background. You should try experimenting with Black Gesso and paints – you will love the effects!

All these Art Basics products are very soft and very easy to distribute.

You will see my whole creative process in a video tutorial I made.

I love Mini Art Stones. They can be amazing for creating an interesting background or original embellishments for your projects.

You have to know that my star sign is connected to the element of earth which means I love metal embellishments and you will often see them in my art.

I’m an avid stamp collector and Finnabair’s stamps I used in this project are not only beautiful but also very easy to use – you don’t even need a block.
I stamped sentiments from Don’t Forget To Fly and Now Is The Right Time sets – they perfectly reflect how I’ve been feeling recently.


I used Art Alchemy paints to make a lot of splashes that I think nicely complete my project.
I love the color palette of these paints and especially the effects you get when using them on different colored backgrounds. They’re super easy to use and permanent when dry.
I think they might quickly become one of my favorite products for mixed media projects. I get the feeling you can’t spoil anything when using Art Alchemy.

I also have to say a word about the Crackle Paste. I’ve been looking for The Perfect Paste for a while now and I think I finally found IT! I love it even more that it gets matte when dry. I love this  textures.


Here’s my video and if you have any questions about the process or the products, make sure you leave them in the comments section. Enjoy!
I hope you feel inspired by my bee project.
I’m very curious if you’ve experimented with Art Alchemy paints. Feel free to share your projects in our Finnabair & Friends Open Studio facebook group and leave any questions you have in the comments under this post. I will more than happy to chat.

Products used:

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